Eshrab is a mobile atmospheric water generator that collects moisture from the air and turns it into potable water. The device can also run on solar power, making it completely sustainable and more usable for those who do not have access to electricity. Eshrab’s technique entails cooling stainless steel sheets; allowing them to get to the necessary dew point so that they can collect water onto their surfaces and then collecting the amassed water into a container that can then be consumed by the user. The device will be in the shape of a hexagonal prism and can be stacked in any order based on the user’s preference. 

This project was done under the supervision of Marko Tandefelt     


Inwardly concave curve

This project took almost a year of prototyping to reach the state it is at right now. The prototyping process included the essays to find the best and most functional shape for the stainless steel sheets, the thermal and electrical conductivity of every part as well as the form and function of the outer shape. 

Early prototyping

Trying different curves

3D model of the flat version

Copper 3D printed flat version

3D model of the pillars version

Copper 3D printed pillar version

The plastic part is to be replaced by stainless steel

How it looks like open

How it looks like closed

How it collects water


Eshrab is very easy to assemble, and also to dismantle in case the user needs to change any part of it for any reason. Also, the device has slots to which solar panels can be attached. These slots are very flexible, so that the user can adjust the solar panels according to the different angles needed to harvest the most solar power as per the location.
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