Social media has become so powerful over the past few years. People now rely on it to share personal moments or convey political and social concerns. We were inspired to create a critical design piece depicting a personal assistant whose job would be to take care of social media errands. Fame, the name of this assistant, can be thought of as a physical form for Siri or Amazon’s Alexa used for Twitter.

This project was done in collaboration with Lama Shehadeh
We used a 3D sense scanner to scan our friend, Fame. We imported the scan to 123D Make and used the slice tool to prepare the file for laser cutting. We chose to laser cut the cardboard instead of 3D printing, so we can manipulate the pieces easily while adding the wires. The layers gave as an opportunity to organize and place the materials in the best way possible.

We used voice recognition to send tweets. Users would say whatever they want to tweet and FAME will automatically share the tweet on the users’ accounts.