kickstarter makeup
One of the most annoying things about make-up is that it is not always within the right limits to take it onboard with you and doing the math to figure out how many milliliters yo are carrying is a mess. Another problem that is faced sometimes is forgetting a major part of your make-up and trying to find cheap replacement quickly. To avoid these problems we have designed this make-up kit that could take a total of 100ml of liquids (the amount that could be carried on board) along with the powders in one customizable kit 

Producer Hassan Hamze
​Patent in-process

There are many combinations that could be done depending on the day, event, different styles and many other factors. The kit is very easy to use and all the person has to do is twist it to connect or disconnect the core parts. To change the upper plates for powder one needs to press  down and pull them out, then press and pull to get them back inside. The powders will have a very thin transparent layer containing it that will be easy to replace


The project started with a paper prototype and I did multiple 3D printed prototypes to reach the final version. I was trying to determine the best shape, size, material, color, lock and hinges systems along with many other factors that took five prints to reach the final shape for the Kickstarter campaign video. This project was done using Solidworks and Rhino5.