The Speaker

Does it sometimes feel awkward to have a backpack in the party? Especially when you are the only one with a backpack? But what if that backpack had an add-on that allows it to be much cooler?

This here is something that will make people want to go to parties with backpacks, even if they were empty. It is basically a holder for a mini speaker along with an LED strip that reacts to the surrounding music. The holder is a 3D printed face of a lion that was printed in transparent plastic, which allows some of the light to pass through.
So if you go to a party with your backpack on, just switch on the lights and they will react to the music. If you leave the party and are going somewhere, you can still play your own music from the mini speaker and also have the lights react to it as well. It will of course be attached to a sleeve that can be connected to the bag with the LED strip fixed on it.