Mixed Media


This is a piece done using precut patterns forming the flames of fire being ordered in this shape and then highlighted in coloured pencils along with the background.

Oil Crisis

The oil crisis and the polllution issues are ones that will affect the whole planet. However, the three biggest pollution producers namely USA, Russa and China refuse to collaborate to work on a solution for this crisis. Moreover, they also ask other coutnries, developed and developing, to cut down their pollution through making less production. This illustration shows how they will be the first ones to feel the impact but at the same time they will destroy the other countries with them as well. 
It was done using collage, watercolors and ink.
This is an attempt to do a self-portrait of oneself. It holds the concept of Freud talking about the ID, Ego and Superego. These three components of the personality tend to be playing a major role in our history and our future along with the challenges they impose on each other. 
It was done using ink, pencil, and other techniques. 

King of the wild things

This piece is an exercise done to expand our imagination skills in which we used the book "Where the wild things are" by Spike Jonze and chose a scene from it to read it and illustrate it without looking at this page in the book having our imagination be the driving force behind it. It was done using ink, collage and other material.

The Pirate

This is an attempt for doing a book cover of the famous Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I was always thinking the pirates might have actually been not as bad and ugly as they always look in drawings and cartoons but maybe life got them in this position somehow. This is a drawing of how I imagined him to look like when I read part of the book.