Some people were glorified. They have their names written in history books, while others have given away their lives and died unrecognized. I believe those people deserve to know that the history might not have written your name, however they were able to shape history as we know it. Their actions did not vanish; they will however and forever influence mankind. This animation aimed at paying tribute to all those who let us enjoy our lives, in colors.
The animation was executed using the rotoscope technique. The tools used were charcoal, ink and acrylics on A4 paper. ​
This is a post-revolutionary animation, after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Charcoal and pencil

The Dragon

This is a character model sheet of a dragon to be used as the monster in an educational game. It was part of a thesis project presented by Computer Science graduating seniors at Cairo University. 

Oil Crisis

Global warming is one critical issue that will come to haunt the entire planet in the years to come. However, the three largest world polluters, namely USA, Russia and China, refuse to collaborate to find a solution for this crisis. On the other hand, they ask other countries, developed and developing alike, to cut down on their respective pollutions. This illustration shows how these superpowers will be the first ones to suffer the impact of Global warming, consequently inflicting such impact on other countries as well, turning the whole world into ruins. 
This piece was done using collage, watercolors and ink.