Coming from a background where there was a lot of martial arts in my life, I really came to admire movement in it and there are some specific movements that I believe really show the greatness of what humans can learn and do. If you were to ask a tiger twenty thousand years ago to do what the tiger does today it will probably not be that hard, but if you ask a human twenty thousand years ago to do a samurai move or go skydiving it will not be that easy to convince them.
Here is a move that is done with the samurai sword which passes by the opponent twice for reassurance. It is too quick that you might not even see it move so I wanted to show every point along where the sword is moving and try 3d printing it. Then I wanted to make it geometric and have the collision points show some sort of explosion happening at them. 
This piece was done using Rhino to loft the curves and then using Grasshopper to do the geometric shapes. The size and density of the geometric shapes can be controlled through Grasshopper, but I thought these expressed the idea best.