When we try to look inside other people to see what they are hiding inside, no matter how deep we look or how good we know them, there will always be something that we don’t understand. The unseen is, by definition, something that is not seen. Therefore, this piece is not meant to show what is unseen, but rather it is meant to give a feeling of what it is like to try to see it.


There are many ways with which humans express their emotions, voluntarily or involuntarily. Yet the most evident way of showing these, is through facial expressions. Therefore, I studied the golden ratio of the face and how far it is from the actual average of faces humans have, which is what gave me the idea that it is in face the mask that everyone wears sometimes but is not even applicable to anyone at all. This mask is what we want the world to see us as "our golden selves" and by that we confuse them and distract them from being able to actually see within us.